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Google Is Helping Diabetics In The Most Unexpected Way

contactzPhoto: courtesy of Google.
In its ongoing quest for global domination, Google is entering the world of biomedical engineering. The tech giant just released the first images of a new, smart contact lens that will help diabetics measure their glucose levels.
Instead of pricking their fingers to draw blood, wearers would rely on a small wireless chip embedded in the lens to measure glucose levels in their tears. If levels got too high, an LED light would flash as a warning. Google added that it's working diligently with the FDA to bring the product to market, but that it won't be available for another five years. Once it is, though, its impact will be seismic. Around 380 million people suffer from diabetes worldwide, and that number's expect to increase to 590 million by 2035, according to the International Diabetes Federation.
But, the implications of the device stretch far beyond the realm of health care. The product was developed by Google X, the company's ultra-secretive research division responsible for other potential game-changers like the self-driving car and upcoming Glass. And, the high-tech lenses are only the beginning for this kind of technology — ladies and gentlemen, our transition from human being to cyborg is in full swing. (The Independent)