Jemima Kirke, Girls‘ Resident Bohemian, Talks Shop

Jemima_embedPhoto: BEImages/Gregory Pace.
Out of the four main Girls characters, Jemima Kirke is, by and large, the most enigmatic. Allison Williams is making a name for herself as resident cover girl; Zosia Mamet's modeling, and you'd have to be living under a boulder to not know who Lena Dunham is. Jemima Kirke, however, skirts around the periphery of the franchise.
Like her character, Jessa, Kirke's persona can't seem to be nailed down or told to do something. The actress sat down with The London Standard and gave one of the more intimate interviews of her career. Talk of her single sex scene led to a dialogue concerning the whole work/life balance that comes with being an actress, artist, and mother. "I can’t do any more than that, and I can only probably do two of those things well at any time,” she explained. “Something is going to get left behind for a bit." Now, before you start jumping to the conclusion that Kirke might pull a Charlie, she was quick to say it won't be for a while. Though, if we're placing bets, Jessa will likely disappear for an episode or two this season for no other reason but life.
The interview dives into her past "wild" life, which closely resembled her Girls' one with drugs, booze, and, yes, Lena Dunham. "I thought she was a whack job but in a good way,” Kirke said of Dunham. "In high school everyone is the same, or striving to be like everyone else. Lena definitely didn’t." It's comforting to know not much has changed in both parties' lives (save for the party days, those are in the past). You can check out the full interview here. Here's to hoping Kirke breaks her small-screen persona and sticks around a little while. (The Standard)

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