Reddit Users Insist That (Almost All) Celebrities Are The Nicest People, Ever

sandra_embedPhoto: REX USA/David Fisher.
The next time you find yourself wondering what a celebrity is like IRL, chances are, they are actually really nice. At least, that's what a group of Reddit users will have us believe.
A popular Reddit thread has asked anyone who is friends with and/or related to a celebrity to spill the beans. But, instead of the expected tales of elitist behavior and sordid drug abuse, most of the contributors write about how amazing their celebrity friend is.
"He’s great. Hilarious, polite, humble, every good quality a person can have," one person wrote about John Goodman, which is all kinds of wonderful, since we'd hate to live in a world where Goodman is mean. According to other users, Sandra Bullock is the "sweetest, silliest woman ever" and Robin Williams is a "genuinely caring gentleman."
Unfortunately, not all celebs are saints. Noted bad boy John Mayer is allegedly a "complete and total douche," despite Katy Perry's efforts to move the needle, while another user insists that Tyra Banks abandoned her family once she became rich and famous. And, perhaps the most entertaining story comes from someone that used to work at P. Diddy's estate in the Hamptons. "He had a bunch of $100 bills in his bedside cabinet for that purpose," the person wrote. "He never spoke to his staff unless he had to — the one time he talked to me was when he asked me to pick his dog’s sh*t up off his lawn."
Remember, we're calling these anecdotes "stories" because they should all be taken with a grain of salt. If we were feeling particularly mischievous, we could easily contribute to the thread ourselves and write that our cousin who knows Jennifer Lawrence once told us that the actress has a paralyzing fear of boiled broccoli. Obviously, only part of that is true. Believe it or not, we do have a cousin. (Reddit)

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