Let Pennybirdrabbit's "Cheap Goodbyes" Be Your Afternoon Escape

PBR_embedPhoto: Courtesy of Angelo Kritikos.
There are some songs that briefly lift the listener up, keep their spirits high, and gently let them down. Then, there are songs that envelop the listener, wrap them up in an aural blanket, and pump melodies through their veins. Pennybirdrabbit's "Cheap Goodbyes" falls into the latter category.
The new song off her upcoming EP, For Love (out February 14), plays like a CV for her lush, dream-like aesthetic. The candy-color haired songbird's voice floats above a richly minimal production. Her air of innocence is endearing and strong in its fragility. Driving ethereal sounds twirl together in the second verse to a dizzyingly blissful breakup story. Pennybirdrabbit's narrative is no woe-is-me tale. It's rather intimate and self-assured. "Save your cheap goodbyes because I know that I'm worth more," she sings. Amen, girl, amen.
Plug in, tune out, and get lifted to this track. We suggest dimming the lights and laying down, too, for this is one track that's best served with a side of lucid dreaming and carefree imagination.

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