George Clooney Is A Profoundly Cruel Human Being

Don't let that raffish charm and easy, disarming smile fool you. Actor, director, and tequila producer George Clooney is a sadist. How else could one explain what he did to a poor, unsuspecting Matt Damon?
As you can see in the clip above from the Tonight Show With Jay Leno, Damon still bears scars of a supposed "prank" created by his costar in the upcoming Monuments Men movie. As the two actors were getting their People's "Sexiest Man Alive" alumni bodies in shape for the war movie, Clooney repeatedly had Damon's costumes taken in, "by an eighth or a 16th of an inch every couple days." Result: Damon thought he was getting fatter as he was working himself slimmer. Waistline gaslighting? We've rarely ever heard of anything so manipulative and underhanded.
If this is what the star of The Descendents and Attack of the Killer Tomatos does to his alleged friends — and particularly the obviously guileless and underdeveloped Damon — we'd hate to see what he'd do to his enemies. Actually, does Clooney even have enemies? (Crushable)
Via: YouTube.

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