Christina Ricci’s Refrigerator Stunt Sparks “Riccing” Trend — Thanks A Lot!

1christinaricciPhoto: Via @christinaricci.
We're totally dating ourselves here, but according to a very special episode of Punky Brewster, you should never, ever try to squeeze yourself into a refrigerator. (Oh, Cherie, what were you thinking?) Apparently pint-sized Christina Ricci didn't heed that advice this past November when she decided to clear out her fridge and squash herself inside for the sake of a funny Instagram snap. Now, all the kids are doing it!
Coined "Riccing," this craze sees former plankers and Harlem Shakers cramming themselves inside fridges, underneath desks, and even (ew) hiding in trash cans. Cue hashtags and panicked attempts to dislodge yourself from the washing machine. Guys, it's worth remembering that Christina Ricci is about the size of a Polly Pocket. Do not try this at home.
Take a moment to spare a thought for the poor emergency services workers who are going to be called upon to bail these folks out of their various furniture-snuggling poses. We'll stick to our yoga class, thanks. (People)

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