LinkedIn Is Going To Bring Out The Volunteer In You

We're often told that giving is the greatest gift of all. Well, if you feel like testing out that theory, LinkedIn has got you covered. The world's largest professional network is set to launch a volunteer-oriented marketplace that will enable users to track down opportunities that focus on specific skill sets.
Too often, people have the desire to give their time to an altruistic establishment pro bono, but don't really know where to look or who to approach. Although there's still nobility in lending a helping hand to classic volunteer tropes like soup kitchens and nursing homes, some people have the desire to use a unique set of skills that they've acquired or to surround themselves with people that can teach them about a particular field of interest.
That's where LinkedIn comes in. Not only does its Marketplace put members in touch with nonprofit organizations, but it gives the organizations access to its members. In a recent survey, LinkedIn discovered that 82% of its members are interested in volunteering. It also discovered that one in five hiring managers are more inclined to take a chance on someone with a history of volunteering, which makes lending your time something that can be mutually beneficial. For all you good Samaritans, the Marketplace is set to debut tomorrow. (LinkedIn)

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