Are The NYC Apartments On Girls Realistic?

Well, if you ask us, the answer is yes. You haters can go ahead and say what you want in the comments, but hear us out first. See, unlike like, say, Rachel and Monica's fantastical two-bedroom skylit garret on Friends, New Yorkers can tell you that the strange angles, triple-overpainted moldings, and cracked walls of Girls' less-than-dream homes are true to life. They just might also tell you that Hanna's Greenpoint pad would cost up to and over $2,500 a month (and they would be right).
To add a little backbone to that argument, someone over at Architizer has actually done the footwork and tracked down the blueprints for these very humble abodes from first-season set designer Lara Ballinger. Somehow, looking at these floor plans makes all these apartments seem even more authentic and seedy to the eyes of us New Yorkers, which sort of begs the question: Would our apartments look that good if we had HBO's cinematography and lighting teams filming them?
Whatever, check out the sketches in the slideshow and see for yourself. Alas, Adam's old serial-killer-style apartment is not included. (Gothamist)

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