Always Breaking Out In The Same Spot? Read This

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When it comes to the many delights of adult acne, we find that we tend to break out in the same places over and over again. It's as though certain parts of our faces are angrier at us than others. And, this becomes a problem when new pimples form on top of the barely healed pimples — the equivalent of a five-car pileup on the expressway. Joy. So, we wondered, what is it about those parts of our faces?
According to Dr. Mitchell Chasin, a cosmetic physician and skin-care expert, breakouts in different places really do indicate different problems. "If you’re breaking out around your jawline or neck area, it’s typically hormone related," he says. While there's not much we can do about our hormones, Dr. Chasin recommends getting monthly facials with extractions, in order to relieve the areas where the pores seem to be getting clogged more easily.
If your zit-nightmare area is your forehead or T-zone, Dr. Chasin says, "It's probably due to oily skin, or your skin-care routine may be too harsh." We hadn't considered that the harshness of our routine might be making matters worse in the pimple department. He recommends developing a consistent regimen and consulting an expert to help figure out what to use if you're running into problems.
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