Kanye West Wines & Dines Anna Wintour In The Name Of Vogue

kanye_embedPhoto: REX USA/Beretta/Sims.
Kanye West's quest for that Vogue cover is still waging on. Reports that he took the glossy's leading lady, Anna Wintour, out to lunch are just beginning to buzz through the wires.
One can argue that the two were simply sharing a casual luncheon as friends at the Beverly Hills Polo Lounge. When details of West dominating the conversation are thrown into the mix, however, that assumption dissolves faster than Kris Jenner can jump on a franchise opportunity.
According to Page Six, Anna "did not get a word in edgewise." The apparently "intense" conversation might have also focused on West's 2014 goal of becoming a design mogul. He might've even called her up as a mentor for tips on really becoming the fashion designer he knows his true self to be. All inferences point toward getting Kim Kardashian featured somewhere in the mega-fashion magazine, though. That, or he was really, really aggravated his croissants weren't brought out fast enough. (Page Six)

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