E!'s Golden Globes Not-So-Fun Facts Is The First Viral Meme Of 2014

fox1Photo: Courtesy of E!
The Golden Globes have become Hollywood's most Internet-friendly awards show, because when celebrities get tipsy, they create the kind of loopy, unpredictable moments that tend to set social media ablaze. But, last night's most viral moment occurred before the awards show even began. And, no, we're not referring to Jennifer Lawrence's epic photobomb.
During their red-carpet live stream, E! displayed "fun facts" about celebrities, which usually bring to mind things like favorite flavors of ice creams and obscure childhood pets. But, what E! threw up there was much more morbid. "Fun Fact: Michael J. Fox was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease." read the insert. Though it never aired on actual television, the misstep was quickly screen grabbed and spread through social media like wildfire. E! has since apologized for the inappropriate screen graphic, but not before the Internet turned it into 2014's first viral meme. Check out some examples below. (Vulture)
Photo: Twitter/REX USA/Stewart Cook.

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