Rihanna & Shakira "Can't Remember To Forget You" In New Single

Just when the Monday morning slug fest started to sink in, Rihanna and Shakira dropped their new single. And, like a swift shot or two of espresso, it wakes you right up.
"Can't Remember To Forget You" combines the ladies' warm-weather roots with an explosive guitar-heavy chorus. Shakira's vocals are just as strong as they ever were, and frankly, RiRi has never sounded better. Shakira always seems to bring out the best in whoever she collaborates with (lookin' at you Beyoncé). It's a surprising duo, but the end result is a fabulous ode to those loves we know we should move on from, but can't seem to shake. Plus, the chorus, with all its riffs and the driving bass line, is worthy of a hard head bang. Let's hope the video brings this fantasy to life whenever it drops. In the meantime, rock on, Monday soldiers, rock on.

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