Game Of Thrones Season 4 Trailer Is Here, & We Are Trembling

Collective deep breath, folks. We're going to take this one step at a time. Yes, the Globes are going on, and yes, Girls is back on, and yes, Jennifer Lawrence is killing it, but let's talk about the real thing that is going on right now. Game Of Thrones season four is here, and it looks incredible.
To be honest, the writer of this post has read all the books and, sadly, may know more about the world of Westeros than she does about, say, European history. It was shocking to see that book three was broken up between two seasons but now we see why: There is still a lot out there to cover. First, we see a very serious Daenerys and her very seriously sized dragons. Tyrion is in chains, and his luck, which was augmented by his cleverness, has seemed to run out. A couple of things, and we'll keep this spoiler-free: Ygritte looks pissed, but she should be; Asha (err, Osha) Greyjoy is back and with a mission, and her brother Theon is not dead — but he doesn't look well, either; The Red Viper looks spot-on and tall/dark/handsome; Joffrey does indeed seem to get married (but who is Jaime smooching?); and Sansa...well, she's in a cloak, and in the GoT world, cloaks are best worn whilst traveling.
We haven't squee-ed this hard since the dawn of the First Men.
April 6, all. We will be here. Waiting.

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