The Ultimate Megamix of Beyoncé's New Album — You're Welcome

There's no stopping Beyoncé's surprise victory lap. Her self-titled album is the best-selling female debut of 2013. (She goes and saves the best for last, of course.) It has earned rave reviews, rhapsodic thought pieces, and is inspiring bonkers high-profile remixes. Earlier this week, Azealia Banks and Busta Rhymes dropped their own unofficial remix of Bey's "Partition." Now, Baltimore bedroom genius Jay R. Neutron, already known for his inspired Beyoncé remixes, has gone and worked his magic on the entire album. Called "The Bey Mix," the nearly hour-long set seamlessly spans the record's 14 songs. Obviously, it's already attracted serious buzz — it was just removed from SoundCloud for unknown reasons. But, it's still available on Bandcamp, where you can stream it and even buy it for $5 if you really, really like it. Check it out below.

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