YES! The Game Of Thrones Teaser Is Out

Yes, this is the way things work now; we get teasers teasing trailers. The marketers have truly won.
And honestly, we aren't too mad. After all, these 15 glorious, albeit fleeting, seconds of Season 4 are more than we've gotten of Game of Thrones in almost a year. We'll slurp down every second we can get our beady little eyes on, thank you very much.
Now, to tease the teaser trailer. We've got Tyrion in chains, horses in the desert, horses in the dark, cold forests, and what appears to be another wedding. (Anyone remember the last time Game of Thrones had one of those?) Anyway, the takeaway here is to tune in to HBO at exactly 8:58pm (EST), this Sunday night for the full two-minute trailer — which is actually pretty easy to do considering what's on at 9.
Video: Via YouTube.

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