Mark Wahlberg Vs. Harry Styles: It's On!

Remember when rappers would have "beef" with each other? You know, slamming each other in verse and on the radio until it boiled over into punches or bullets? Yeah, this is just like that, except it involves a 42-year-old man, an English boy band, and Conan O'Brien.
As you can see in the clip above, Wahlberg, the star of Lone Survivor and soon-to-be star of Transformers IV is somewhat jealous of the attention his daughters Ella, ten, and Grace, four, lavish on One Direction's leading lad, Harry Styles. In fact, that he wants to "punch Harry in the nose when I see him." He's jesting, of course, but it's more than understandable that a Southie-raised father of four might just want to rearrange a tween star's face after having to actually listen to his music.
Now, if Wahlberg is actually contemplating going toe-to-toe with Styles and, as he said, all the other members of One Direction, we'd like to remind him of three things. First, sir, with all respect, you were once a somewhat annoying pop star yourself. Secondly, Styles and his bandmates may look like easy marks, but they're surprisingly agile and wiry. Finally, those Directioners can be pretty nasty and there are, like, millions of them. Be careful. (Us)
Video: Via YouTube.

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