Lea Michele's "Cannonball" Video Is (Thankfully) Missing One Thing

It's refreshing to note that there is nary a cannonball in Lea Michele's newly released music video for "Cannonball." Unlike some other artists singing and writhing around on destructive spheres, Michele's taken the less literal approach to her visual. She, instead, opts for a dusty barn that would surely crumble if a cannonball were to fly at it before teleporting to a magical Yayoi Kusama-like room.
The narrative is simple so Michele's vocals and can take center stage (something her Glee character is no stranger to). Aside from a shattered piano, there's no real visual frustration here. But, that's a-okay. It's great to see Michele back in the game after an intense 2013. At its heart, "Cannonball" is about reinvention. How appropriate of her to bring it to life at the beginning of the New Year.

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