T-Mobile Will Now Pay The Termination Fee For You To Join Its Network

tmomoPhoto: Courtesy of T-Mobile.
Signing your cell phone contract is akin to selling your soul to the devil. You're trapped in the snares off a network for two years the moment your pen lifts off the dotted line. Trying to break the contract is a hunger game not many of us would volunteer as tribute for — even if our loved ones were called to do the same. So your cell service stinks with your current provider, but the termination fee said network will charge you to turn your back on them is even worse. Well, until now that is.
T-Mobile announced at the 2014 CES convention today in Las Vegas that it will cover the fees service providers charge customers to break contract. That's right, folks, no precious moola will fly out of your pocket for wanting to change carriers. Oh, and T-Mobile is going to give new customers up to $300 credit to trade in their old phone. What's up new smartphone?
T-Mobile's Chief Technology Officer, Neville Ray, threw out some statistics basically shaming us all non-T-Mobile members into switching, or at least to think about it. Studies show that it does have the fastest LTE network out there, and if it's basically paying potential customers to join the team, well, it would seem like a no brainer to make the jump, right? Maybe. Other carriers are bound to follow suit and/or up the ante in convincing members to stay or curious non-members to join. John Legere, T-Mobile's CEO, made it clear today that he's not afraid to call out AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint. Let the first annual Cellular Carrier Games begin! (Mashable)

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