"Goodness Gracious!": Ellie Goulding Goes Technicolor

Leave it to Ellie Goulding to blast off the New Year with an explosion of sounds, colors, and, of course, lights. The Brit darling dropped her latest music video for Halcyon Days' "Goodness Gracious" track today, and it's as much visual candy as it is aural.
In the video, Goulding dons some kick-ass light-up Nikes and breaks out the sequins for an evening-to-night romp with equally stylish friends. She whips her mane around some and looks casually giddy throughout the entire four minutes. It's easy, breezy, and everything a pop video should be. Sure, the song is all about struggling to not fall for a hookup, but why does that have to be something negative? Goulding gets at the heart of carefree romance with her multi-colored adventure. It'll have you (hopefully) grinning by the end. That, and frantically searching for a pair of them light-up sneaks.

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