Yes, “Gymtimidation” Is A Thing Now

pain-gain4444photo courtesy of paramount pictures.
It looks like "gymtimidation" might be an early front runner for 2014 Word of the Year. The clever phrase was coined to describe the fear of working out that many women in the U.K. feel.
According to new research, which appeared in Cosmopolitan Body, 14 percent of women polled are intimidated by men at the gym who leer at them during a workout. In contrast, the men surveyed are more concerned about looking like they know what they're doing. Oddly enough, men don't get intimidated by the idea of women watching them while they exercise.
But gymtimidation doesn't just stem from a fear of being watched. Only 8 percent of the women surveyed said they would feel comfortable asking someone how long they'll be using the equipment. A whopping 84 percent prefer instead to move on to a different exercise machine. A lack of confidence is also the reason why many women are reluctant to use weights.

If only watching Netflix in bed all day was just as intimidating, maybe we could finally break that bad habit. (Daily Mail

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