Beyoncé Opens Up About Sex And "Rocket" In Honesty Mini Doc

"The glue that ties this record together is honesty." And, so begins Beyoncé's new featurette, the fittingly titled Honesty. The fifth and final installment in a short mini-documentary series about her surprise new album, this video focuses on Bey's inspirations and motivations for making her self-titled album, and the accompanying multimedia tour de force.
The film chronicles her early beginnings with Destiny's Child (which formed when she was nine), the incredible journey to solo domination, and how, at some point, she felt like she carried the world on her shoulders. "I always felt it was my responsibility to be aware of kids, their parents, and all these generations — and it stifled me. I could not express everything." Now Beyoncé is in her thirties, and those kids have grown up with her, and she says she finally feels she's proven herself enough to be free to do what she wants.
With clips of studio footage featuring Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, and Pharrell and scenes from the music video, the doc goes into detail about "Rocket," one of the notably steamy standouts on her new album. It's about sex (duh) — sweet and simple. "It's a journey. You're flirting and you're talking all this arrogant shit. Then you climax. And, then you have your cigarette," Mrs. Carter explains with a laugh, letting her PG guard down at last. Watch above, and all hail the Queen.

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