The 15 Artists To Watch Out For In 2014

Enough with the Best of 2013 lists already. We're four days into the New Year — it's time to start looking toward the future. The music scene last year was sprinkled with the return of pop's reigning divas, a twerk-star, an unlikely teen sensation, and a healthy sprinkling of indie groups to keep our heads from exploding from all the bump-de-bumps.
Britney Spears may have commanded her minions to dance until the world ends back when the rapture was a thing in 2011, but the end of dance music (as we know it) seems to have come two years after the fact. This isn't to say that pop music will cease to exist in the coming year — we haven't seen the last of Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga, and Britney is killin' the game in Las Vegas as we speak. It merely means that the way in which we get down and the sounds we vibe to are changing. The artists behind the music we love are steering the sonic vernacular into a future that's progressively minimal. R&B will meet indie rock. EDM will take a chill pill and melt into psych-wave. Rap will drop aural acid.
A few of the following artists started creating waves late in 2013, while some have only just begun to release their own material instead of just producing remixes. But, one thing's for sure: You will know their names by the time list season comes around next December. Until then, familiarize yourself with these 15 musicians. It is, after all, so much cooler to say you knew them before they were everywhere.

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