20 Awesome Things You Should Start Saying More Often

Children are often a surprising source of wisdom. Why? Because they keep it simple. And, to prove our point here's a video by Kid President highlighting the 20 things we ought to say more often in 2014.
Included on the list are some obvious suggestions, like "Thank you," "I'm sorry," and "I forgive you." But, nestled among those everyday niceties are nuggets of truth we simply never considered before. Kid President, that sage prophet, suggests saying things like, "Here is a surprise corn dog I bought you because you are my friend." Who doesn't love a surprise corn dog? And, let us not underestimate the power of full disclosure. Kid President offers up: "I have barbecue sauce on my shirt, too." (But, reminds you to take a look at the barbecue sauce on your own shirt first.) Of course, he also reminds us that sometimes the best thing we can say is nothing at all.
Check out the full video. And, someone, please find out how we get this kid to be our life coach, like, right now. (HuffPost)

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