Supermodel Gisele Bündchen Wore A Pair Of Uggs — Commence Eye Roll

Stop the presses! Hold your horses! But, definitely take another sip of your coffee, because Gisele Bündchen wore the unspeakable. Yes, dear readers, the Victoria's Secret Angel and global supermodel slipped her pretty runway feet into a pair of Uggs. How dare she?
But, hey, the world is still turning. Plus, she had to keep her feet warm playing around in all that Boston snow. You know what they say: happy feet, happy life. Oh, that's not a saying? Oh well, a sensible Ugg in the snow never hurt anyone. They also keep your feet feeling all warm and cuddly even if it's single-digit temperatures. Practicality trumps style when blizzard season hits — why else would all those girls up north swear by them? And, if Bündchen can get down with them, so can, uh, we? We'll see how lenient we are if she dons Crocs come spring, though. (Huffington Post)
Photo: via @giseleofficial.
Gisele's hubby is also in on the Ugg action since he's the face of its mens line.

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