You're A Selfie Away From A Perfect Dating Profile

ZOOSK1Photo: Courtesy of Zoosk.
You have about a day and a half to prepare the most kickass online dating profile out there. Come 8:27 p.m. on January 5, all those fish in the sea will couple up. Or, at least that's what says. We've already covered the basics (hope you're heeding 'em), but another dating site has a few more for you.
Enter Zoosk, a digital dating platform you can add to your arsenal. It surveyed a bunch of its users to see just what exactly women and men look for as they scroll, click, and swipe through various faces n' bodies. Turns out the selfie is a hit amongst the fairer sex, but not so much for the guys. Though, be mindful of where you snap those selfies, ladies; an indoor duck face will get you 60 percent more messages than an outdoor one. However, a full body pic taken outdoors might do the trick, since full body shots garner a whopping 203 percent increase in messages.
Selfies, it would seem, are more acceptable for women to take, since a man will get eight percent less interaction if his profile is littered with mirror pics — no matter how chiseled his abs are (although, you never know). When it comes to those you're posing with, well, keep it to yourself(ie). Dogs, cats, and other domesticated friends are cute, but they don't fare so well in the land of likes and maybe nots. Oh, and your wordplay is important, too — even emojis. This face :) will get less action than :-) will.
You can read the full details here, but, for what it's worth, be yourself. Confidence will get you farther than any bikini beach selfie. Add in a dash of well-worded sentences, and, well, you're a mighty fine catch. (The Cut)

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