The New Veronica Mars Trailer Is That Good

It's officially 2014, which means it's the Year of the Veronica Mars movie. We've been getting teaser trailers and hints about what's to come from the feature film, but today's release is the most goodie-filled of all. The latest trailer is not only the longest, but it promises some of the best Veronica-isms around. And, we've been able to parcel out a bit of the plot. Veronica is a big-time lawyer in New York City and dating the man of her dreams. Or, so she thinks.
She gets word that her long-lost love Logan is in some deep legal trouble, and all of a sudden, she's drawn back like a moth to a hunky flame. Reunion hijinks and love triangles ensue, and we get to watch Kristen Bell back in her element as a private eye. We'll be hitting theaters for a taste of the reunited VM gang, but from the looks of this trailer, we'll stay for the mystery. Watch for yourself below, and try not to get too excited.

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