Why You Might Need To Stop Having Fun At Work

1Illustrated by Sydney Hass.
Do you like to yuck it up with your cube mates? Admit it — cracking jokes or discussing the latest episode of Scandal really helps the work day fly by. But, besides being a potential #HRNightmare, having fun at work could be killing your productivity. The Cornell Hospitality Quarterly recently conducted a study that proves those March Madness pools and lunchtime ping-pong tournaments might not be a good idea after all — at least when it comes to restaurants and bars.
As Fast Co. Design reported, companies who fostered workplace fun and games reported lower sales performance than companies who kept things strictly business. The study didn't look into more traditional 9-to-5 corporate environments, but we're willing to bet the results would be pretty similar. But, there is a silver lining: More office fun resulted in smaller turnover rates, especially with younger employees. So, we're willing to call it a wash — and, we'll keep our office dance parties and bake-offs going strong, thankyouverymuch. (Fast Co. Design)

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