Brazilian Model Raps About Lettuce, Pilates

Okay, yes, it took us a bit to get around to this one — but in all fairness, our Brazil news bureau has been swamped covering all that World Cup prep (also, it doesn't exist). In any case, we're sorry we missed the October release of Brazilian model Michelli Provensi's Portuguese rap song, "All the Models in the House." The fact that we couldn't bring you couplets like "Take a look at my spinal curve, take a good look at me/ You think this looks easy? Sit on a pudding!" sooner truly fills us with regret.
No, in all seriousness, it's nice to see how freely Provensi can make fun of the rather serious aspects of her often absurd profession. As she raps in Portuguese in between brags about her sometimes glamourous job, "Paris is my backyard/But, I still miss home, and it still makes me feel bad." Aww.
The song — whose technical musical merits are rather beside the point — is apparently a marketing push for Provensi's new book, Need to Go Around the World: Surreal Adventures of a Real Model, her little contribution to the growing field of publications, articles, and documentaries that are adding dimension and debate to the public perception of the modeling business. Setting it all to music is just a fun little wrinkle.
Visit here for a full translation of "All The Models in The House." (The Guardian/YouTube)

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