Michael Fassbender For GQ: Well, Hello There

michalfassbPhoto: Courtesy of British GQ.
My, my, my, Michael Fassbender. What piercing eyes you have! What distinguished forehead wrinkles (thank you for not Photoshopping, GQ)! What a lovely, shiny ring that is! Yes, your pretend boyfriend with whom you have an open relationship in order accomodate Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hiddleston is on the cover of British GQ, and he is looking as beautiful as ever.
He's been called the next Marlon Brando, and his chameleon-like performances in everything from Shame to 12 Years A Slave have been lauded time and again. Personally, his turn as a robot obsessed with Lawrence of Arabia in Prometheus is a favorite. Either way, we can't wait to read this interview. The guy doesn't do much press. In fact, he's one of those super-A-list actors who seems to be kind of immune to the fame's more narcissistic temptations. To the uninitiated, consider this your official warning that if you don't get obsessed with Fassbender soon, you will regret it. To the already-in-love, well, eat your heart out. The issue hits newsstands on January 2, and you can bet we'll be devouring every word. (GQ)

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