Paleo: Google’s Most Popular Diet In School 2013

PALEO1Photographed by Liz Clayman.
Sorry, juice cleanses, but cave(wo)men owned 2013. According to Google, the ever-popular (and sometimes tiresome) Paleo diet dominated the search scene this year. The all-knowing Internet resource's Trend report showed that the zero-carb, limited sugar, and meat for days meal plan out-searched those precious green concoctions and even Beyoncé's favorite diet, The Master Cleanse.
Honestly, we're not super surprised with this here factoid. Juice cleanses come and go, but there hasn't been such hype surrounding one particular diet since Atkins. Heck, we even ditched carbs for a wee bit of time. Google reports that most people looking for information on the fad came from western states like Wyoming, Alaska, and Colorado — you know, where the buffalo roam free. San Francisco and Seattle proper likely had many a hunter-gatherer eater roaming its streets, but one region does not a popular diet make. Sure, there might not be much wild game for the munching over in the east, but there are supermarkets. And, hey, if you're looking to hop on the Paleo bandwagon, look no further than this here article for some recipes. Will 2014 be the year we all revert back to our ancestral ways? Perhaps, but not before those New Year's Eve hors d'oeuvres. (The Cut)

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