Stevie Nicks Marries Vanessa Carlton — Er, Officiates

Any headline with Stevie Nicks' name in it is enough to get us clicking. Whether we can pull ourselves away from this video long enough to actually read it is another matter. When we saw "Stevie Nicks Marries Vanessa Carlton," though? We basically lost it. Never mind the fact that we knew Carlton was in it deep with Deer Tick's John McCauley. The prospect of Stevie and Vanessa joined in a perfect — if highly improbable — union sent us spinning into dreamland for a second.
Then, we came back to Earth and realized that the reality of what happened was actually even more wonderful. Stevie Nicks actually officiated Carlton and McCauley's wedding on Friday night. There were flower crowns. There were flowing outfits. And, given the presence of three such amazing musicians in one place, we can only begin to imagine what the after-party was like. Probably just the biggest kumbaya spiritual the world has ever seen.
Hit the next page for another gorgeous photo of the happy couple, plus a closeup on the dress and headpiece.
If Stevie didn't sing a song as they walked down the aisle, well, that was one of the biggest missed opportunities in ever.

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