A Very Refinery29 New Year's Eve Playlist

NYEbodCLOCKWISE, ABOVE FROM LEFT. PHOTO: COURTESY OF Sony Music Entertainment; Capitol Records; Universal Island Records; Ultra Records, Inc.
Well, dear readers, you've made it. It's New Year's Eve, and in a mere few hours you'll be donning your sparkly LBDs, too-high-for-your-own-good heels, and heeding all the advice our fabulous beauty team has bestowed upon you throughout the year. Now, while the whole getting your nails done, hair done, everything did is fabulous; the entire experience would be nothing without a solid playlist of tunes to carry you from pregame drinks with your girls to the ball drop at midnight, are we right?
Well, look no further than this page — keep it locked, as the kids would say. We've compiled a three-hour playlist to carry you and your party team all through the night. We've designed it right down to the song transitions (hint: For full sonic pleasure, adjust your Spotify preferences so there's about a 5-second bleed from track to track). The journey begins on a chill note (think Disclosure and a throwback Amy Winehouse remix), picks up with one of 2014's must-know artists, Elliphant, and explodes into heavy dance beats for the last hour or so. NYE gems like J.Lo's "Waiting For Tonight" obviously made the cut, but hopefully you'll fangirl over the Mariah Carey New Year's Eve anthem as hard as we did while making this playlist, too.
Fingers crossed you've broken in them shoes, girl, because these neo-disco, electronic, and chill-pop jams have the tendency to sink into the bones and get the body moving whether you're ready or not. (You're totally ready, though — we've got faith.)
Happy New Year's, ya'll. Dance on.

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