The 10 Best Battlestar Galactica Moments For Its 10th Anniversary

The Cylons were created by man. They rebelled. They evolved. And, we became endlessly, hopelessly addicted to the space opera that has us all pining after a world where paper has no corners. In honor of the 10th anniversary of the miniseries (which has four glorious seasons), we looked back on our favorite BSG moments, and the incredibly human revelations this science fiction show provided.
Battlestar Galactica acts, in many ways, as a great equalizer, something that people bring up at dinner parties because there is always another serious devotee in the room. (Further evidence is found by a simple YouTube search — there happen to be more fan-made videos than actual clips of the show.) Ten years later, the meditations on humanity and technology or what is right versus what is honorable feel more relevant than ever. If you haven't seen it, ex out of this window, head to Netflix, and prepare to give your life over to the show. If you are a devotee of the lords of Kobol, well, enjoy these 10 amazing frakking BSG moments and a brief sojourn with your favorite crew members of Galactica.
Oh, and spoilers? Featured en masse.

10. Cylon husbands are pretty tough to murder
The problem with living in a terrifying nightmare with a robot that who just wants to play house is that no matter how many times you kill him, he will always be back to smell your hair in a creepy stalker-like manner.

S3E20 BSG - Crossroads Part 2 by paulmuaddib84
9. Lee Adama presents a shockingly good reason to let Gaius Baltar go
In the latter part of the series, Baby Adama became a stand-in for the moral center of the show. Since Gaius Baltar was the bad guy we loved but everyone hated, the odds were entirely stacked against him. But, Lee stops for a second to give us the gooey goodness that we come to expect from the show: Sure, Baltar is reprehensible, but what he did was no more or less reprehensible than the characters we root for — he just had an attitude. In the end, Lee says what is true for Cylons and non-Cylons alike. The most human thing you can do is make mistakes.

8. Chief Tyrol supports workers' rights
We're so used to seeing the Galactica's Cylon squabbles that sometimes we forget about the human issues involved in transporting an entire civilization through space. This episode really shows you how, well, bougie Adama and friends can be — and reminds you that while it's easy to talk loftily about human rights when you're fighting robots, it's a lot harder to implement that stuff on a day-to-day basis.

S4E14 BSG - Blood on the Scales by paulmuaddib84
7. When we are reminded, for the last time, what a bad-ass everyone is
Sure — Lee is in politics, Tigh is a real Cylon sympathizer, and Tyrol is losing his marbles, but don't forget these people are all gun-toting, quip-spitting heroes. So, when the crew fractures and mutiny is in the air, we get to see everyone come together one last time for an epic tactical move.
6. So Say We All
A rousing speech as usual from Adama. The "So Say We All" chant is a BSG fan's Vulcan salute, and should be used accordingly to identify fellow obsessives.
karaembedPhoto: Courtesy of Sci-Fi.

5. Kara's Coordinates

As far as sci-fi music moments go, this is right up there with the band from the Mos Eisley cantina. Thrace meets a mysterious man playing piano at the bar, and suddenly, a whole lot of things start to make sense... Though, as we all know, it doesn't get any less complicated from here on out.

4. Lee doesn't care who knows he loves Kara Thrace
Finding an actual clip of Lee proclaiming his love for Kara is darn near impossible, but seeing the two embattled soldiers finally succumb to one another is pretty powerful. However, it is nowhere near as moving as witnessing the duo duke it out. Neither refuses to give up, and both collapse in each other's arms, exhausted, finding strange solace in one another.

3. Meet the hybrid

The concept of the hybrids and the ship as a biological entity is one of the most fascinating things about this show. From Minority Report vibes and scary predictions to the orgasmic experience of jumping, the hybrids are mysterious creatures whose existence adds yet another philosophical layer to the question of what, if anything, separates different type of beings and consciousness (be they man-made or otherwise).

2. No more Mr. Nice Gaius
It's always great to see Gaius Baltar freak out, little weasel that he is. The arrival of a different Six — whom Baltar is initially unable to identify as someone other than his nagging hallucination — marks an important turning point in the series. It's an important moment when we see the physical form of someone we've previously thought of as the embodiment of evil behaving innocently and genuinely, like any other person. But, really, the crux of this whole thing is the pun.

E2P2-2 BSG 2003 - Pilot Part 2 by paulmuaddib84
1. The first big Cylon revelation
Adama realizes there are 12 Cylon models, and they don't know what a single one looks like. Meanwhile, Aaron Doral, who has been left behind, is rescued by Cylons and their centurian buddies. It appears that the humans' hunch was right and that Aaron was indeed a Cylon. But, the camera pans out and we see that another one of the top-ranked Galactica officials is also a toaster. This is, of course, the minute that hooks us all.

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