The Perfect Post-Holiday Workout — & It’s Only 7 Minutes

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You don't have to tell us — we know how hard it is to get back into anything resembling a regular workout schedule after the holidays. In fact, we're still wrapped in blankets on the couch by the fire, binge-watching Mad Men over here, so we're in no position to judge. The idea of getting dressed, going to the gym, and breaking a sweat is the last thing on our minds.
Which is why we're sort of obsessed with this new "Seven Minute Workout" trend. Combining 12 moves that range from jumping jacks to squats to planks at high-intensity intervals, the method gives you a full-body workout in just seven minutes. There's no equipment required (except a chair for step-ups and tricep dips), and there's even a handy iPhone app. The New York Times wrote about it back in May, citing studies that confirmed its efficiency and effectiveness at increasing overall fitness compared with longer bouts of exercise like jogging or cycling.
In other words, it actually works — as long as you keep the intensity up. In order to get the full benefit of the program, it's important to push yourself, and if you're doing it right, it should feel pretty darn uncomfortable (about an eight on a scale of one to 10). But, hey, it's only seven minutes. Afterward, feel free to turn the TV back on — you've earned it. (The New York Times)

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