Miley Cyrus’ New Video “Adore You” Proves We Are Officially Bored Of Sex

When Miley Cyrus released "Wrecking Ball," she was pretty darn naked. Coming right off of her VMA performance, the extra dosage of skin was a giant middle finger to all of those people who criticized her display of over-the-top sexuality. So, seeing her writhe around under the sheets and in a bathtub for four minutes straight is, strangely, kind of snoozy. Sure, she is suggesting that she is engaging in some self-love and is undulating (best word ever) about, but at no point is the video ever "racy" or "too hot." Standing as an antithesis to "Wrecking Ball," the whole thing is pretty PG — especially for a video about absolutely giving yourself over to another person — and not just for Miley's standards. Which may mean, dare we say it, it is officially boring to watch Miley Cyrus simulate sex.
What is interesting, however, is getting to see a barefaced Miley after we've spent the last six months seeing her in her bold, red lipstick and heavy eyeliner standard. The video is a testament to super-short hair, too: Even when it is wet, stringy, and unkempt, it can be tousled around effortlessly. Also, on another beauty note, this writer has never had long nails before, so tell us — wouldn't those long, sharp nails be a bit, erm, dangerous?

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