Miley Cyrus Talks Marriage, Two Points For Hindsight

liammiley00Photo: Stewart Cook/REX USA.
Miley Cyrus offers up some pretty fabulous commentary on marriage — a step she and Liam Hemsworth never made — in an interview with Barbara Walters. No, seriously y'all, hindsight has done the girl good.
"I was so scared of ever being alone, and I think conquering that fear this year was actually bigger than any other transition that I had this entire year," Cyrus explained to Walters. "I don’t ever want to have to need someone again where you feel like, without them, you can’t be yourself." Hold on while we try to find something snarky to say — wait, we can't.
Girl, preach! It's so refreshing to know she's found perspective. Though only a clip of Cyrus' Most Fascinating People of 2013 interview with Barbara Walters has been released, it's shaping up to be a revealing one. If there's anyone to highlight a celebrity's intellect, it's Walters. It's no surprise that Cyrus landed the veteran journalist's list, but both parties will have to defend themselves. Why does Cyrus herself think she should be on the list? What did Walters see in the girl who twerks with Internet cats and tokes up on stage? We'll just have to find out Wednesday night at 9:30 p.m. (ABC)

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