#TBT: 2013’s Most Popular Nostalgic Snaps

While we encounter a fair share of eye roll-inducing hashtags, there’s no doubt that the most ubiquitous, most-loved tag of ‘13 has to be the weekly #TBT. In fact, according to the folks over at Instagram, it was the most-used marker of the year, with over 127 million tagged posts filling feeds worldwide.
Yep, Throwback Thursday basically ruled the ‘gramosphere. Now, we know it's only only Monday, but Instagram has shared its most popular #TBT pics of the past year, and no surprise here: Beyonce makes the top five — twice. Also making the list? The Kardashian-Jenner family photo (before it was infamous) and a pic from Nial Horan of One Direction. Keep clickin' for the other heavy-hitters, and in the meantime — can we get a collective awww?