Jamie Dornan, Dakota Johnson, & That Fifty Shades of Grey Clinch You’ve Been Waiting For

Take one dapper, studly sex master. Add in one bright-eyed ingenue. Commence the fireworks.
That's right, kids. After weeks of keeping a watchful eye on the Vancouver set of 50 Shades of Grey, it looks like we're finally getting our first glimpses of some real action. First, co-stars Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson were seen dancing on set. Now, we've got a passionate clinch! (Who needs a cigarette?!)
Check out Dornan's intense gaze here, and hit the next page for more lovey-dovey action.
Yup. As these pictures show, Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele just can't seem to their hands off each other. Just look at that steamy eye-to-eye contact. Now, will these two hop into bed (and let's get some stills of that!), or are we going to have to change the movie title to 50 Shades of Foreplay? Stay tuned for more on-the-set action. We expect things to get X-rated, stat.

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