Is 2014 The Year You Become A CEO? Quite Possibly

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New Year, new you: That’s the plan, right? Alongside kick-starting a healthy regimen, we could all do with a career overhaul. Next year might see you set new goals, embrace exciting opportunities, even swerve your career path slightly, all in the hope of landing that promotion or pay raise. But, whatever path you choose, a hefty dose of properly channeled motivation is in order.
With new beginnings come unanswered questions and the need for advice. So, luckily for us, Forbes and the online editor and writer at, Shala Marks, is at hand to dispense their career wisdom that’ll see you own that boardroom meeting next week.
First up: Crawl out of that dark comfort zone and define new limits. Comfort is the enemy of growth, she tells Forbes. Individuals unwilling to step outside of their comfort zone will never grow or develop – personally or professionally. Expanding beyond your current limitations is another focal point for Marks. She suggests becoming a peer mentor, or taking the lead on a new project to tap that dormant potential and push for better. Preach!
Becoming more competent and confident in your abilities is another way to bring positive change to your career, suggests Marks. Priding yourself on small accomplishments and key competencies is the way to grow in your career, and Marks believes “happy thoughts” are crucial to this. Examining your work history and achievements to remind yourself of past accomplishments is another way to achieve desired results at work. Anyone for a résumé rerun?
The final thing Marks presses on is time management. Marking out where your hours are spent in the office will help to cut back unproductive demands on your schedule. According to author and management consultant Peter Drucker, this is as easy as three simple steps: recording, managing and consolidating your time, to ensure most of it is spent focusing on the important tasks at hand.
Armed with these career-enhancing nuggets of advice, there’s only one place to head: onward and upwards! Do you have any secret tips on enjoying more job success in 2014? Do share in the comments section below! (Forbes)

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