Transgender Miss Universe Contestant Stars In Elle Editorial

Jenna-Talackova-transgender-mode_dropopenPhoto: Courtesy Elle Canada.
Elle Canada — it's great to see this story. Jenna Talackova, who transitioned from male to female six years ago, was publicly disqualified from the Miss Universe Canada pageant on the basis that she, you know, used to be a he. If you think that's unfair or narrow-minded, we agree, but try to remember that the Miss Universe Canada pageant is a private affair and freely excludes whomever they like for whatever (questionable) reason they choose.
However, in what may be today's feel-good story, Talackova is getting a chance to shine in the spotlight thanks to, yes, Elle Canada. Not only does she star in a beautiful editorial spread, but she gets to speak for herself in a way she probably couldn't have as Miss Universe. “You know, you need to be real with yourself, and you need to realize that it’s not a mistake,” she tells Elle. “You have an amazing life to live — live it the way you want to.” Indeed, with a upcoming reality show and greater platforms than just a runway, she's getting to do just that. (Elle Canada)

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