Game Of Thrones Season 4 Gets A Teeny, Tiny Preview

UPDATE: You guys were right. It was Robb Stark (flashback?) at the end, not Jon Snow. When it comes to brooding, curly-haired men, our eyes do deceive us.
Game of Thrones is a flighty temptress. That has always been true. But, now, it is even more evident. HBO has released a mashup trailer recapping various events from its 2013 lineup and previewing tales to come. Of course, our Tyrion makes an appearance (in chains). Dear Joffrey is there, too. And, last but never least, Jon Snow — thank heavens, we were so worried! But, it looks like he's safe back in Castle Black, for now. We don't know if he's reconciled with Ygritte yet, but our little hearts can dream.
Check it out below, but do not expect to be satisfied. In fact, don't expect to be anything less than frustratingly tantalized. Oh, and it's good viewing if you like those other HBO shows, too.

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