Aluminum Foil Masks: The Weirdest Hangover Skin Cure Ever

Aluminum_Mask_1Illustrated by Ly Ngo.
We have tried some truly cray ways to cure our hangovers (crushed up aspirin sprinkles and fast-food ice cream ring a bell?), but our remedies for hungover skin tend to be on the pretty tame side. Meaning lots of water, tons of moisturizer, and a boatload of brightening concealer to hide those dark circles.
Apparently, we need to get a bit more creative with our remedy ideas, because this bonkers tip from makeup pro Ramy Gafni just changed our booze-addled complexions. The brow expert and founder of Ramy Beauty Therapy swears by good ol' Reynolds Wrap aluminum foil to help his face recover from an epic night out.
His cheap and easy aluminum wrap facial is a treatment he swears will breathe life back into your skin and de-puff better than any lotions and potions. Here's how to do it: Rip off a few large strips (enough to cover your whole face) of aluminum foil from the roll and toss them in the freezer for about an hour. Take out one of the strips and punch out some eye holes and a nose and mouth hole so you can breathe. Put the chilled metal mask over your face, contouring it to your shape and pressing down. Chill out (literally) for about 10-15 minutes then remove.
Gafni swears this is the hangover remedy to beat all hangover remedies, and claims it can help some non-hangover-related beauty issues as well. The mask, he explains, is great for reducing puffiness and redness, calming inflamed skin, tightening pores, and will give your whole visage a more lifted, firmer appearance. Unfortunately, it doesn't help with the nausea, regret, and that whole why-won't-the-room-stop-spinning feeling. You're on your own for that one, champ.

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