Jamie Dornan Might Go Full-Frontal Naked For Fifty Shades Of Grey

1Photo: Ken McKay/RexUSA.
We don't want to sound like we're obsessed with sex scenes, but we do know a thing or two about the steamier side of things. How a boudoir get-together is executed can make or break a movie, and it can make or break a star. Just look at Michael Fassbender post-Shame, after all. Never have the stakes been higher for a sex scene than the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey onscreen adaptation, but it seems like the team in charge is putting things into high gear.
The latest Christian-and-Anastasia rumor mill has it that Jamie Dornan will go full frontal for his starring role as Mr. Grey. Reportedly, the film's producers wanted to make sure that the flick was just as steamy as the book. That means baring it all to keep dedicated Fifty Shades fans, erm, satisfied. But, for those of you who would like to remain untarnished by a strange man's naked front, there will most likely be two different versions. Both R-rated and NC-17 releases will be available for your viewing pleasure. Which one will you be seeing? (Hollywood Life)

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