Girls Season 3: A Prediction

1Photo: Courtesy of HBO.
It feels like an actual lifetime since season two of Girls wrapped, but such is life when you're addicted to premium cable shows. When we last left our Greenpoint-based ladies, Marnie and Charlie reunited, and Adam pulled Hannah out of the pits. The season two finale didn't leave us with a whole lot of clues, but then the show released this somewhat confusing promotional poster. MSN Glo dusted off its detective skills and got down to business decoding the entire thing, and came up with a few predictions for the new episodes.
First up: Charlie's absence. His departure is no secret, but based on Marnie's giddy expression in the poster, the show most likely isn't planning on killing him off or having their relationship end on a bad note. Glo puts its money on a soul-searching trip to Africa. As for Hannah: Her straight-into-the-camera glare indicates that she's taking charge of her life. In fact, she might have even finished her book and started shopping it around to hot-shot producers. Head over to GLO to find out what the site has in store for the rest of the Girls, and tell us what you think will go down next season. (MSN Glo)

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