Kanye West Throws Fan Out Of The Yeezus Tour, Praises Himself In Return

Warning: When attending any Kanye West concert, be prepared to either shut up and praise or risk security going ham on your bolder-than-love butt. One fan was swiftly kicked out of a recent Yeezus tour stop after heckling the idol she paid over $150 to see. Note: Kanye does not want to take off the mask. Nice try, lady. That's some real solid crowd-mentality work ya did there. And, boy, how quickly they turned on ya. No sooner were they yelling "Take off the mask!" than applauding your dismissal.
There are a few takeaways here: One: Do not, under any circumstances, taunt Kanye. He will inadvertently launch into an auto-tuned freestyle song of art and his own glory. He will also not take off the mask, but Drake Hands it — a true performance artist. Finally, he will proudly elevate his ego higher than it already is. "I am Kanye motherf*cking West," he will say/yell/feel. Yes, sir, yes you are. We'll settle down and bask in your, uh, aura.
Opening Photo: Courtesy of Kanye West.

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