8 Mindful Eating Secrets To Get You Through The Holiday Party Season

Mara_Dec_9Photographed By Molly Cranna.
If you're anything like us, you find holiday parties just a tad stressful. All those cocktails, all that food, all that holiday cheer...it's just so easy to go overboard. Of course, don't get us wrong — indulgence is definitely the name of the game this time of year. But, with so many parties to attend (and so many goodies at each one), indulging can quickly morph into gorging — especially if everyone else around you is filling their plates.
With that in mind, the clever folks at Everyday Health have rounded up a handful of super-sneaky strategies to stay healthy and mindful, just in time for the holiday party circuit. For example, one expert suggests "the broccoli test" — when contemplating a second (or fourth) serving, ask yourself, "Would I eat a serving of broccoli right now?" If the answer is no, maybe think about putting down the fork. Another dietitian recommends establishing "can't miss" party foods beforehand, while opting to forego offerings that aren't on your list. Our favorite, the "rule of threes," happens to be applicable all year round: Take three deep breaths between each bite or sip. Not only does it slow down your pace, which is good for your metabolism, but the break also enables you to make a more conscious decision about the next thing you put in your mouth. Simple, sneaky, super-effective. Click through to Everyday Health for the rest. (Everyday Health)

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