What’s Your Most Creative Age? Well, It Depends

rexusa_382696aPhoto: CSU Archives/Everett Col/REX USA.
Creativity is a difficult thing to pin down. Some people hit their stride at the crack of dawn, while others find that inspiration comes late at night. Some like quiet; others seek chaos. And, some of us practically come out of the womb bursting with energy and ideas, while others fall into the "better-late-than-never" category.
So, where does that leave you? According to economist David Galenson's book, Old Masters and Young Geniuses: The Two Life Cycles of Artistic Creativity, there's not really an exact age at which someone hits their creative peak. Instead, it's how you engage with creativity that can influence when you do your best work.
For those artists exhibiting "aesthetically motivated experi­mentation," such as Cezanne, the goal is to keep creating until perfection is achieved. Thus, success comes later in life. For a prodigy like Picasso who is inspired by "conceptual execution," however, conceiving and expressing an idea happens sooner rather than later, at which point they move on.
Interesting stuff, no? Just wait 'til Mom and Dad hear how you're not lazy and wasting your potential; you're simply "an aesthetically motivated experimenter"! (Fast Company)

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