Lady Gaga, High Queen Of Christmas, Stole A Commoner’s Shoe

ladygagabodPhoto: REX USA/Beretta/Sims.
All right, y'all, sing it with us: Hark the herald Gaga sings! Glory to the paparazzi's feet / Lopping sneaks with jest and guile / All the while, Gaga smiles.
That, right there, is trademarked. Anyway, hello and welcome to the latest installment of Lady Gaga Takes London: Christmas Edition. Today, we see our protagonist transform herself into the holiday spirit. It's a rather simple move anyone can pull off for their respective holiday parties: Bunch together multiple Urban Outfitters Charlie Brown Christmas trees and plop it on one's head. Boom! A sensible Christmas fern for your dome.
Be sure to keep an eye out for rogue Nikes if one happens upon a wild herd of paparazzi. The funny folks over at Reddit noted the Lady encountered a lonely Nike, thrown by a riled-up camera man, blocking her way home the other evening. Without skipping a beat (or dropping a precious ornament), Gaga politely picked up the sneaker and continued her march inside. She appeared to be touched by the gesture. A shoe, no matter how common, is a sign of honor in her world. Bestow a shoe, win her heart — or at least 15 (maybe five?) minutes of fame. Let us hope the mono-sneak'd cameraman came with backup because that Nike is now, most likely, a modern reinterpretation of Schiaparelli's shoe hat we'll be seeing come Gaga's next London appearance.

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