Lady Gaga: Dripping In Gold, Dreads, And Versace For The Holidays

gagaPhoto: REX USA/David Fisher.
This holiday season, one can don a sweater lovingly knit by the crazy aunt, or they can go a little crazy. (Really, the ugly sweater thing is expected and done.) If you're opting for the latter, take a cue from Lady Gaga. Her latest sartorial statement: dreadlocks. Oh, and not just any dreadlocks, but bleached dreads à la Donatella Versace (assuming the chain-smoking grand dame of the fashion house would ever put her sleek tresses through the ringer).
Gaga did the 'ol step and repeat (or, in her case, tiptoe in towering heels, pose, and repeat) for the 2013 Jingle Ball in L.A. wearing a wig that's hardly seen the light of day outside an Inez and Vinoodh photo shoot. Clothing-wise, Gaga was relatively toned down: A black bra peekaboo and custom Versace pantsuit do a girl good, reserved or not. The opulent, Little Mermaid-gone-bad aesthetic was then taken to new, ironic heights with an insane bib necklace of what appears to be dozens of golden seashells.
But, it's that knee-length dreaded weave, both literally and figuratively, that's the celluloid stunner here. There are secrets to be told in that thing on top of her head. There very well could be a couple hundred #BuyApplauseOniTunes singles hiding in there. The secret to owning 2014 might even have lodged itself in one of those dreads. Heck, rub two together and one might even start a fire (what magic! what mystery!). It might've been bra-and-suit jacket weather in L.A., but them dreads and their sorcery would've come in handy over here on the East Coast. Hopefully, Gaga'll heed our warning and stash this piece in her luggage when she pops on over here next.

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