Man Lives More Exciting Life Than You

Meet Louis Cole. This 30-year-old Brit rose to fame by eating a series of peculiar foods — raw eyeballs, scorpions, whole-mouse smoothies — and posting his exploits on YouTube. After ingesting a live goldfish on camera a couple years back, he was accused of cruelty by animal-rights groups. He's since retired from the bizarre-eating game and launched a new YouTube channel on which he documents his world travels every day.
He goes snowboarding, he gets arrested, he ice-swims in Africa. One video documents Cole's trip to the pyramids at Giza, where he films the interior (you're not supposed to do that) and then crawls inside a sarcophagus (that either), all the while offering up some historical factoids: "This is an ancient tomb. I don't know who lived here. Some mummy. Some pharaoh or something." He then climbs, and subsequently falls off of, a pyramid. (You're really not supposed to do that.)
With the year coming to a close and a bounty of footage in his possession, Cole has compiled a two-minute medley of this year's travels and exploits. Check it out.
As you sit on your couch this weekend, grazing on snacks and watching his unending party of a life unfold, ask yourself this: Do I want that, too? (Business Insider)

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